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Sublingual Sprays

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    Looking for a specific feeling? Check out our sublingual sprays 

    Energize (Citrus Flavored): Elevate your mornings with ENERGIZE, a potent sublingual spray rich in CBD. Crafted to kickstart your day, this formulation boosts blood flow to the hippocampus, promoting mental clarity and focus. Suitable for anytime use, it's your go-to for a revitalizing lift whenever you need it.

    Focus (Mint Flavored): Meet FOCUS, your secret weapon for unwavering concentration. With a seamless 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, it's your personalized focus booster. THC gently unravels tension, clearing the path for laser-sharp attention, while CBD adds its calming embrace, keeping distractions at bay. Together, they create a synergy that empowers you to dive deep into tasks with clarity and determination, ensuring nothing stands in the way of your productivity.

    Recover (Tropical Flavored): Introducing RECOVER, your post-activity ally. Crafted to ease inflammation and pain, it's perfect for after a long day or workout. Powered by CBG, known for targeting neuroinflammation and protecting against oxidative stress, it leads the charge towards rejuvenation. Supported by THC and CBD in a 3:2:1 ratio, it's more than relief—it's a holistic approach to recovery. Say hello to a refreshed you with RECOVER.

    Sleep (Berry Flavored): Meet REST, your gateway to serene nights of sleep. Carefully crafted with a high concentration of CBN, it's tailored to quiet even the busiest minds. In a balanced 3:2:1 ratio of CBN, THC, and CBD, REST offers the ideal blend for relaxation. Discover the calming influence of 5mg of CBN, delivering sedative effects without overwhelming psychoactive sensations. Say farewell to restless nights and embrace the tranquility of REST.