Flower of Life CBD Tinctures are formulated for overall mind and body wellness. CBD Tincture can be added to any drink making it a quick and easy way to get your daily dose of CBD. Our sublingual tinctures include a calibrated oral dropper that makes it simple to measure dosing.

We also have Flower Of Life Pet CBD which is a high-quality product made with organic ingredients — effective for all types and sizes of both dogs and cats. Each 2oz bottle contains 250mg of Pure CBD and comes with an oral syringe for easy-to-measure dosing for your pet! All of our Flower of Life CBD Tinctures are – ORGANIC, NON-GMO, NO-THC, GLUTEN-FREE, and NON-PSYCHOACTIVE.

Flower of Life CBD Tinctures are available online in single bottle or bundle options. We offer only the best tinctures that you can administer sublingually or add to your food and drink. Getting your daily dose of CBD should not be complicated, so we have the solution for quick and easy CBD application. 

Best CBD Oil For Muscle Recovery

Flower of Life CBD offers CBD tinctures for overall mind and body wellness. Every bottle comes with a calibrated dropper for easy, accurate administration. You can take our CBD tincture sublingually or add it to your food or drink. Sublingual administration involves adding a few drops of CBD tincture under the tongue. Similarly, you can add a few drops of CBD tincture to your food or drink. This is an easy method to get your daily CBD dose. 

We also offer  CBD tinctures for dogs and cats. Made with high-quality organic olive oil, non-GMO, THC-free, gluten-free formula, your pets may benefit from our special pet CBD. Add a few drops of CBD pet tincture to your dog or cat’s meal or it can be given orally as a way to give them their daily dose of CBD. As a THC-free product, you can rest assured that neither you nor your pet will experience any psychoactive effects. Our CBD products contain no such compound to ensure that you get the benefits of CBD without the high.

Shop Our CBD Tincture Bundles Today

We offer the best deals online for CBD recovery tinctures. Try our bundle for muscle recovery and hangovers. Each bundle contains CBD oil tincture and extra CBD items catered to the specific category of your needs.Get the best CBD recovery tincture deals through our bundles that include complimentary CBD products.

Try Some of Our CBD Tincture Bundles Like:

  • Muscle Recovery Bundle: CBD tincture bundles for muscle recovery include the best CBD oil tincture suitable for those fitness fanatics. Use our CBD Freeze roll-on for your sore muscles. Select your tincture potency between 500mg and 1,500mg to find the right CBD oil for you.
  • Hangover Bundle: We offer the best, organic CBD oil tincture and CBD gummies to relieve those mornings when you're just not feeling the best. 
  • Quarantine Bundle: Our quarantine bundle is ideal for unpredictable times during a global pandemic.
  • & More: From CBD tinctures to gummies and more, Flower of Life CBD offers a wide range of products that suit any occasion. Try these products individually or together through our bundle options. 
For CBD Sleep Aid, start with 1-2  CBD softgels at least half an hour before bed for the best results. Visit our online store to get the best deals on CBD tincture bundles for sale today.