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4mg CBD Dog Treats

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    Natural Dog Treats for Happy and Healthy Pups

    Treat your furry family member with our tasty CBD dog treats! Made with love and organic ingredients to help give them comfort through separation anxiety, veterinarian appointments, inflammation, pain, long car rides, seizures, loud noises, and more! 

    Each heart treat contains 4mg of CBD. For a known event, such as a vet appointment or fireworks, it is best to give them a treat 1-2 hours ahead of time if possible. 

    We recommend starting 1mg of CBD per 10 pounds, split in morning and evening, and gradually increase dosage according to dog's need and desired effects. 

    For example, we give our 42lb rescue pupper half a treat in the morning with a good conscience that she will be content and the other half with dinner for a calm evening for the whole family.


    Our Dog CBD Treats are made with love and USDA organic ingredients loved by all breeds and sizes of dogs.

    Flower of Life CBD offers premium Pet CBD made with high-quality organic ingredients to promote healing and overall quality for dogs of all breeds and sizes. You can feel confident that your beloved family member is getting a natural remedy that is non-psychoactive, and non-toxic.

    We guarantee that this natural pet CBD tincture product is organic, non-GMO, and THC-free. You can confirm its potency with the certificate of analysis, which we make available online on every product page.


    Current veterinarian knowledge has linked CBD with the potential to help the following canine medical conditions:

    • Pain: Clinical trials have shown that CBD reportedly has positive effects on pain management. By reducing pain, a dog can experience increased activity all because of taking natural pet CBD tincture.
    • Anxiety: Dogs that frequently experience anxiety issues may benefit from CBD’s anti-anxiety effects. Existing studies cite relief from anxiety as one of CBD’s positive side effects.
    • Seizures: Dogs that suffer from seizures due to triggering factors like thunderstorms or fireworks may also experience relief with this natural pet CBD tincture. Seizure relief is listed among the common conditions that CBD can cure.

    Dogs may experience these medical benefits because of the endocannabinoid system, which exists and functions the same in all animals (except insects).

    Clinical studies suggest that 2mg/kg of CBD twice a day is enough for a pet to experience CBD’s purported therapeutic effects. Since a 2oz Flower of Life CBD Pet CBD Oil contains 250mg, you have enough natural pet CBD tincture for 125 doses.

    If you want a CBD tincture for dogs that may offer more potent effects for your pet, you might also like our 1500mg extra strength pet CBD listed among our other best natural pet CBD tincture products.

    Made From Organic Ingredients

    Organic and non-GMO ingredients guarantee that your dog does not ingest any toxic material when you give them our product. This dog CBD treat is also gluten-free to accommodate any pets that may suffer from gluten allergies.

    Can Help With Anxiety & Pain

    Existing studies link CBD’s effects to anxiety relief and pain management. Our dog treats contain 4mg of CBD, which is more than enough to see if your pet reacts well to CBD.

    Great For Dogs of All Sizes

    Dogs of any size or breed may benefit from CBD’s purported medical benefits because of their similar biological systems. However, you may have to adjust doses to accommodate a dog’s weight. To be certain how much CBD you should give your dog, we urge you to speak to your local veterinarian with experience dealing with hemp-based medicine before introducing CBD to your pet.

    Check out the famous Rocky and Miles experience with CBD in their battle through cancer:

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