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I recently bought the lemon haze and the Hawaiian pepper vape tanks and let me tell you, the CBD from these oils is amazing. Three to four hits will get you relaxed. Take a couple more and your pain is gone. This product is extraordinary and recommended. I only had an issue with one vape tank but I emailed and their excellent customer service took care of it immediately!!! I’m satisfied and recommend you to take part in this phenomenal CBD, your lifestyle will change for the better. Thank you Flower of Life Team.


My grandpa has been diagnosed with cancer, he said he wanted to try a different alternative to kill the pain rather than pills. I told him about the powers of CBD and he wanted to try it. I send him some of Flower of Life CBD gummies and he said after eating 1 a day that the pain is practically gone and he can finally sleep good again. The powers of CBD are incredible. Thank you for everything Flower of Life CBD


This is my life-saver!!! I don’t know how I was living before this salve, it really does heal! I use it on my bad legs and it gives me so much relief.


Still absolutely amazed by the results every single time I use this miraculous salve on my psoriasis or erythema nodosum outbreaks. I can’t imagine my life without it now


This salve is magical. I had a stroke and have nerve damage in my foot. I skate but the foot gives me trouble. This stuff makes my foot feel normal. Not numb or dulled pain but normal. It’s the truth!


Have just begun using the salve for post shingles facial nerve pain. Five months of pain. Stuff works! 


The best CBD vape cartridge on the market. Pepper even endorses them how can you not get one. I love the Hawaiian flavor!!


I have had horrible sleep issues for years due to my thyroid condition. I vape this [CBD isolate vape] every night while in bed and I sleep 7-8 hours through the night. I no longer have to take any over the counter medications that harm my body. CBD has been a life-changing thing for me. Sleep is so important…I also can testify that when I have an upset stomach, headache, sore muscles from my work outs that this helps so much. I love the starburst flavor and just ordered Hawaiian Punch and Sour Apple. Please if you’re on the fence about trying this … do it… I call It my vitamin stick… my parents who are 60 years old are now CBD fans as well.


I recently bought the Purple Train wreck [CBD isolate] vape and can tell a definite difference in my anxiety level. I have a high stress job and live in a non-legal state so the real thing is not an option. I would recommend and have recommended to my friends. Shipping was easy and quick. I’m about to place my second order now. Thanks Flower of Life CBD! 


This is my second order of CBD oil from this company. What I love about this product is that it’s real cbd oil, there’s no fillers in it. I was referred here by another user and I’m glad I tried them out. I’ve told other people and will continue to tell others of this great product! I’m back today to buy more cbd oil for myself and a friend. Please don’t stop providing this awesome product! 


This pet CBD is great and has allowed our elderly dog, who has hip problems, to walk better and with less pain. I have tried several other CBD products and prescribed medications from the vet, but this pet CBD works best for our dog. We can really tell a difference, if we miss medicating the dog.

D. Hayden

“I’ve been buying this product for my dog since early last July. I rescued a 2 year old, Blue Tick Coon Hound from horrible conditions and soon discovered that she was a horrible mess of nerves. Afraid of everything. It was tough. My son told me about this website and told me to order the Pet CBD for her. I did. It helped immediately. So, here we are, for the rest of her life, she will have CBD. Today, after 8 months of owning her, I can now say that I have the most wonderful dog. She has come so far on her journey to become a pet, which was something she had no idea about prior. Thank you Flower of Life for having such a good product.

Catherine Davis referring to FOL Pet CBD

FOL CBD crystals are great! Their quality is obvious and can be applied in many ways. Terrific value. The FOL team always has great customer service, and they ship accurately and quickly. Cheers FOL!

Thomas M.

I have carpal tunnel and back problems and this healing salve works like magic, I put it on and within seconds it eases my pain! Works better than ibuprofen. 


I wanted to get off sleeping pills so I switched to the FOL CBD Soft Gels with melatonin and I am sleeping better than with the Big Pharm pills. 


I personally take [FOL CBD Tincture] to help relieve inflammation on my body, to help with recovery from the gym, and muscle soreness. I’ve also noticed that it really enhances my mood it puts me in a less stress state AKA I’m just nicer to be around


Thank you for your product as I am helping my back with the spinal shots, Tramadol, and your [FOL] CBD that I will never have to go to the opiates like my mom had to. She had no quality of life. Thank you God Bless you and your work. 


Miles is battling liver cancer and he was given 1-3 months back in April. Every day is a blessing… but we really do feel our quality of life has been improved and extended from flower of life cbd oil! Along with lots of love, prayers, positive vibes and a happy existence!


At 15 days old, Johnna developed an intense rash that took over her body. She was taken to a pediatrician and prescribed hydrocortisone. Johnna soon after developed psuedoscleroderma and lesions started appearing. After her mother tried over $1500 in creams, special clothing, and anything she could find she heard about CBD and tried using the FOL CBD healing Salve on the rash and within 48 HOURS, it was GONE! To this day, lesions have not reappeared and she is doing amazing, the power of CBD is real! – Breezy


I left my 3 blood pressure medicine 4hrs away in his motor home. I took the FOL CBD Soft Gel tablets and my pressure remained the same.

Bill Dolmovic

My cat has been taking Flower of Life CBD Pet CBD for a week and he is already feeling much better. For the past 9 months, he has been having inflammation and ‘allergic reactions to fleas’ so the vet says as well as pain and spasms. After two unhelpful vet appointments, I was heartbroken looking for something to help him. So I took a chance on a $50 bottle of Pet CBD and I am glad I did. I am honestly amazed and thankful for the difference I can see. Where my Banfield pet hospital FAILED my cat & I,  Flower of Life CBD has become our hero! He loves the taste too which is great because he’s a 22lb Mainecoon who is not easy to make take medication. FOL Pet CBD is worth $50 every month because it is truly helping him out of his misery.

@heyismissellen Vacaville, CA

C.B.D. Oil Saved my Chicken’s Life: It was suggested to me on IG after posting Wrylees neurological issues to check out CBD Oil. I was one of the more skeptical people, but within 3 days I watched my chicken with neurological issues destined for death literally turned upside down. She went from seizing every twenty minutes with a permanent head twist to running and playing with me right side up and straight necked. I am so shocked and thankful for this outcome.  


We love seeing photos like this and a company dedicated to its patients even if they are pups. Thank you for helping everyone heal with CBD 


This poor kitty went through hell of a lot; after barely surviving infanthood from a lung infection, she was bit in the face by a dog which set her on another 3 month recovery track. If it wasn’t for the amazing Flower of Life CBD Pet CBD Oil and weeks of TLC, she would’ve never recovered.

@burn.down.babe – California

I am absolutely in love with every product that I’ve received from Flower of Life CBD. I am finishing my full spectrum CBD softgels today, and I’m looking forward to trying the CBD sleep softgels tonight! They have been a GREAT addition to my whole Wellness toolbox! The gummies are also amazing, for both day and night time too! Thank you again so much, Flower of life CBD!

Dawn - Maryland

Yesterday’s cable park session did a hurtin’ on Sawyer’s bum ankle, Flower of Life CBD healing salve is speeding up the recovery process


Shan the man took a few good hits last weekend, Flower of Life CBD freeze being put right to work